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Publication showcases the NCCs InfoNet - a quarterly publication issued by the National Computer Center. It contains ICT news/articles.

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Revenue Watch Dashboard
The Revenue Watch Dashboard (RWD) is a state-of-the-art, online Performance Monitoring system that will promote transparency, enhance compliance and encourage achievement across the different tax units. It is a computerized online facility that will monitor revenue collections vs. targets at all levels of organization in the BIR from the National Level to the Examiners.
Innovative Measuring Technique for Highway and Geo-engineering
ABSTRACT: 3D terrestrial laser scanning is currently the revolutionary technique for high accuracy and precision surveying, infrastructure 3D modeling, 3D mapping and documentation of rock faces for slope stability analysis and design, landslide detection, tunnel and dam deformation measurement, change detection and monitoring of various highway and geo-engineering works. In this paper the state-of-the-art technique in processing the point cloud data derived from 3D Terrestrial Laser Scanner are described, and its various application in highway and geo-engineering. The methods make use of the very high level of detail and precision that the 3D laser scan data can provide. This, together with the rapid method and simple way of data acquisition makes 3D lasers scanning the most promising surveying tool, in the future.
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