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ICT ASSOCIATIONS – Contains the ICT associations here in the Philippines. The data elements of the database are: Name of Association, Address, Contact Person of the association and his/her position, Email Address, Telephone No., Fax No., Website, About the association, Vision, Mission, Goals/Objectives and Projects and Programs.

Name: Philippine State Universities and Colleges Computer Education and Systems Society (PSUCCESS)
Address: PSUCCESS Secretariat Office:
924 Fabella St., Plainview
Mandaluyong City, Metro Manila
Tel No: (632) 532-4915, 713-1509, 932-0591
Fax No:
About: PSUCCESS is a non-government organization devoted to the promotion, design, integration and implementation of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) and other related activities, projects, programs, and endeavors. It is composed of ICT educators and professionals from state universities and colleges and from other entities involved in appropriate application of ICT in education, administration, research and other areas both in private and in government agencies.
Programs & Projects: PROGRAMS
  • e-Learning Promotion and Enhancement
  • e-Research
  • Regular Technical Sessions (RTS)
  • State-of-the-Art Training Programs
  • ICT Expositions and Exhibits
  • ICT Literacy Outreach Program
  • Promotion of ICT Infrastructure Development
  • Linkages with universities/colleges, industries and government
  • ICT Research Engagement
  • Professional and world class seminars, workshops, conferences and conventions
  • Country visits and exchanges
  • Membership Meeting
  • Newsletter and other publication
  • Network with Special Interest Groups (SIGS)
  • Partnership with local, national and international ICT organizations
  • Scholarships
Mission: PSUCCESS adheres to the following values:
Perseverance in our pioneering spirit
Unselfish dedication
Consistency in maintaining quality
Country above self
Excellence and endurance
Superior and systematic approaches
Stability in our faith in God

  • PSUCCESS is committed to contribute to the attainment of the CICT goals and objectives.
  • PSUCCESS is committed to promote ICT culture—which uses ICT as a life enabler.
  • PSUCCESS is committed to pursue its ideals with passion and dedication and shall be guided by its goals and objectives.
  • Objectives:
    • To assist in upholding the goals and objectives of the Commission on Information and Communications Technology;
    • To promote continuing education and intellectual exchange, research and development in ICT.
    • To support the continuous improvement of computer and ICT curricula,
    • To harness ICT programs and projects for national development
    • To make available, upon request, expert assistance to Congress, Department of Education (DepEd) and the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) in the formation or revision of curricular policies.
    • To advocate for programs and projects redounding to the benefit of ICT education and profession.
    Date Founded:
    Contact Person: Ms. Flordeliz C. Garcia
    List of Officers
    Today is May 26, 2016
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